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Stressed Woman

can therapy 
help me?

Let's see.

You're feeling overwhelmed and you can't remember the last time you weren't. You're barely meeting deadlines and not sure how much longer you can stay in this field.  You keep doing things that aren't working and you need help shifting gears. You need a speed bump. Some new tires? You're not sure if talking about it would help. Who has time?

The good news is that therapy helps, not only by giving you space to vent but by pairing you up with a trustworthy co-pilot. I help you clarify thoughts and feelings; I notice recurring themes and challenge inconsistencies and make connections in your story. I help you see your strengths more clearly and get moving towards the life you want. It's hard and it's worth it. 


A different kind of therapist

I’m Ann Farrar, LMHC, LPC a psychotherapist based in New York City and New Jersey. I am not built for bullshit and provide a down-to-earth, honest talk style of therapy. I'm much more likely to refer to something I heard on a podcast than stare at you blankly in silence or make you feel like a mental patient. Life is hard enough. Let's be real.


My former life as an actor is a big part of my approach. I have an MFA from American Conservatory Theatre and spent many years on stages and in audition rooms- not to mention temping and waiting tables and trying to manage sanity and income and body image BS. I know it's a balancing act. So is marriage and parenthood. I'm familiar with that too. I'm from the midwest but have lived and worked in New York for 20+ years. I love big trees and road trips and board games and swimming. I like persisting, nevertheless.

In addition to my creative work, I also have a background in integrative health coaching. This means I hold my clients accountable for their lifestyle goals including sleep and exercise and meditation. I am a big believer in mindfulness as a powerful protector against depression and anxiety. 

I earned my Masters degree in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from NYU. I co-lead a badass troop of girl scouts. I'm proud of both.

Painting Wall

Stop. You're not failing
at life.

That's depression talking. Let's get your core, authentic self back on line and listen to her. I help creative, empathic people build resilience and find more joy and energy. Since 2012, I've worked with uniquely sensitive people in New York City, and helped them get unstuck. Somewhere along the way I stumbled into New Jersey too. Whether you’re struggling with persistent anxiety or depression or need help finding some work/life balance - our work together will bring clarity, strengthen your confidence and help you heal.

We can get into the stuff below and we can go beyond. You are more than your weight, your salary, your unhappiest kid. 

body image

When obsessing over

your appearance

is making you sad

and frantic


When you repeatedly

self sabotage

by scrolling, despairing or indulging


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